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Sweet Princess With Unicorn Manju, he’s as old as dad. And you know game I am not interested in boys right now. And no one stays. Mili, after meeting Shaina game game I felt like I met my soul mate. And there’s nothing common between us. Forget it, Mili. You can never control your mouth. And you will never change. Mili, don’t you understand the meaning of being formal? Keep your feet down. Isn’t this formal? It’s not my fault. You shouldn’t take old breakups to heart game And in any case, those idiots weren’t good for you. It was just bad luck, dear. Fate changes in every years. And you just came out of a bad phase. So you can add years for every silly boyfriend. Now it’s only going to be good luck, dear. Manju, you’re just too much? Just listen to me Manju game game this King is old and married. And I don’t want to get married. I am fine single. Now say hi to Sumati. Hi. Are you happy now? Did you get the recipe for the pickles? No Manju, I am riding in a Ferrari. Like I said, there’s a transport strike. I took the wrong flight game game and arrived a day earlier. That’s why game Oh! Oh my God! Oh game Manju will go crazy. I’ll have to take a picture. I no longer have the charisma, nor do you. Even you’re growing old in my company. Absolutely wrong. A man grows old in his mind, not his body. Oh! flowers! And you are? Dr. Mili Chakravarty. Ahh, Dr. Chakravarty. The th physiotherapist. May I? What on earth are you doing? Get away from my feet. Sorry. Take her to Ramsevak. Come, madam. Good day. Please take a seat, her highness will be here shortly. Cool. Wow! Hi, Dr. Mili Chakravarty. Ramsevak! Careful. Let go. Leave it. Thank you. Oh, God. Oh God, it’s so heavy. How on earth did anyone wear this? It’s been in our family for years. That old. Don’t you have junksellers in Sambhalgarh? Bad joke. How beautiful. Are those real pearls? Of course they are real pearls. Ramsevak, please show Dr. Chakravarty her room. She must be tired. I am game Dinner is at . See you there. Aunty. You can call me your highness. Your highness, your heels are too high for your age.