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Sweet Sheep Farm 3 Yeah, but we’ve, like, made it. You guys are the guys! Hey, we’re the guys. You’re Sam, Baker, Tyler, Pierce! Oh, I totally friendrequested you guys last night. I’m kind of the eyes and ears backstage. Hey, you might want to change your privacy setting. Okay, I got three wireless and a headset. Who’s running graphics? That’d be me. Sweet. Yeah, okay. Be careful with those rascals in the back. They don’t get out much. Okay. You all know how these work, right? It’s pretty simple. You just hold this button right here and it turns on, and to turn it on, it’s the same. You just hold it. It’s great. And make sure you don’t mess that up. Hey, Tyler, do you want to go up to the booth and meet the team? Uh game Do it, dude. Go up to the booth, dude. Yeah, that’d game awesome. It was great meeting you guys. Seriously. Bye, Yale. Have fun in the booth. Okay. Let’s just keep going with this. All right. I like this guy. Yale must be a decaf man. So this is the best part of our already amazing tour, yes? Um, you know what? You guys should meet Gabriel. He’s the worship leader, and his whole band’s here. It’s our only song. It’s not that hard. Every moment is a teaching moment. Fellas! This must be the God squad. Hey, Sam. How are ya? Hey, Gabriel, obviously. Friends call me Gabe. Let’s keep it at Gabriel for now. Like the archangel. That’s cute. What’s that so, uh, yeah game oh, Gabriel’s your game that’s your real name. You weren’t kidding. No. This is Gabriel, the worship leader. Well, now, I wouldn’t call myself that. I mean, my life is worship, and, uh, I am a bit of a leader. I see how that label would fit, but, no, no. No, I’m just an artist. Wow. Yeah. But I’m also really busy, so I got to get back to it. By the way, big fan of you guys. Love your work. I mean, stay sweet. Hey are we still on for 😕 Yeah. Can I talk to you for a second? Just two seconds. Hey, scales, scales. Gcd. Gcd is for game I mean, do you think he still wakes up watching vh? Because the googoo doll game whoa. Jesus all I’m saying is, just know your