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Sweet Sparkle Makeover Try Tulip’s Club, Shepherd’s Bush. I will. Good night. Good night. Two beers. No beer, sir. Two beers. Scotch, Irish and bourbon, sir. Buy me a drink, copper. Three beers. Ever heard of Sapphire? Doubles, sir? Three beers. The chick that was done on Hampstead Heath? That’s the chick. Ten shillings, sir. Sorry I’ve got nothing smaller. Ten shillings, sir. Keep the change. Now then, ever heard of Sapphire? Down the hatch, copper. Is Johnnie in tonight? Johnnie is he in tonight? Talking to me, sir? Yes. Lots ofJohnnie here tonight, sir. There’s Johnnie Fingers. Johnnie Hot Feet. Johnnie Rags. And Johnnie Tiger over there. Sure, all theJohnnies in the world are here tonight, sir. We want theJohnnie who danced with this chick. This chick was never here at all, sir. Can I help you, Superintendent? Mr. Tulip? That’s what they call me. We’re looking for theJohnnie who used to dance with Sapphire this Sapphire. You mean the chick that was cut up on Hampstead Heath Saturday night? Mmhmm. She’s new to me. I never saw her here. That’s a lilyskin. Your chick was a lilyskin, wasn’t she? Hmm? It’s in the evening papers. I think I would’ve remembered if she’d ever been in here. Oh, you can always tell. ‘Cause once they hear the beat of the bongo Yes. No matter how fair is the skin, they can’t hide that swing. Your chick was never here, Superintendent. Somewhere else she danced with herJohnnie. Let’s get out of here. Blow, Johnnie. And don’t come back. You’re wearing too much trouble. Johnnie. Where was you on Saturday night, Johnnie? You wasn’t in the club. Was you with Sapphire? Was you, Johnnie? You blow, Johnnie. Blow. Can’t blow without loot. I’ll bring you loot. That’s him. Brother, I’m in trouble. The police. I’ve got to hide up. We have never been in trouble with the law and don’t care to be. Go on away with you, boy. It’s you and your kind that get us respectable folk a bad name. Trash. The police on my tail. Get out, nigger. We got copper trouble, too, but we ain’t got your sort of woman trouble. Now get out and stay out.