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of war Will call our Legions soon And across the fatherland A victory song will ring And across the fatherland Our song will resonate A time of joy and pride for Eterrnal Rome I served under Consul Marcus Licinius Crassus Dives He moved his troops to the Parthian Empire and formed and alliance with the Queen who is the sister of our Lady Crassus Consul Marsus’ eldest son Tiberius is a vicious and treacherous man The consul was planning on naming his youngest son Publius to be his heir and successor He entrusted me to keep the child alive The young lord started having problem with his eyes The Parthian Queen kindly sent medicine to heal his vision Tiberius laced it with poison blinding his brother so he could never become Consul and killed his father I had no choice but to take my soldiers and the child become a fugitive Until I reached the Wild Geese Gate I’ve been a man without a country marked for death The deputy I sent told the Parthian Empire is mean to restore the peace treaty and prove Tiberius’ vicious intentions I’m orphan Han race My parents kill by enemy Me and my sister run away and she cry I use my hand cover her mouth She die General Huo save my life He said war destroy family Only peace can save Silk Road We are same General Decimus has returned I think Tiberius know about us Lucius My Mum says however beautiful the sunset is it will always go dark I know my sunset will end soon But don’t worry about me I can’t see anyway As for my brother let me handle it on my own You’re very brave We will meet him. Yes, General. Lucius, no Huo An If you stand with us you will be butchered The City we built is a dream It’ll only last days I cannot be further in your debt Think, If Tiberius want to catch you Why he need a hundred thousand men? He can take over the entire Silk Road even China I think Tiberius working with the Chief It’s our duty to protect Silk Road I can borrow soldiers from my friend Yin Po Hopefully we can stop them Captain Huo Falco. Young Master. On behalf of the Roman Empire I commission you