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investigate ourselves. How? Look We’re all in exile Wild Geese Gate is where prisoners serve live sentences Once you go in there is no way out We’ve worked so hard and this is what we get Don’t ask what we can gain Just ask what more we can do But that’s so unfair So what are you going to do about it Look Brothers I know you all feel betrayed But I believe there is justice in this world We were all rescued by General Huo from the Wild Geese Gate We should take this opportunity to go back pay respect to him The gold smuggling is a complicated case Once I get more evidance from Ying Po I’ll know what to do Move You lot, keep up Move, next. , Han Dynasty General Huo Qubing’s Shrine Kill them Brother Sister General Stay back You have the courage to kill But do you have the courage to help those who really need rescuing , Higher Faster, Help the injured What an idiot Captain, are you alright. I’m fine. Help them It’s all their fault, beat them Stop Come here They’re fighting What are you doing? Stop fighting! Stop fighting! Who are you Silk Road Protection Squad Watch out! Stop it! You guys stop fighting! Go back to work! Stop now! The Protection Squad come over here I don’t care about your Protection Squad This is the Wild Geese Gate And I’m Commander here Everyone call him the Geese Commander So you’re Huo An? I heard you’re good with swords But I doubt you can take me Huo An You think that you’re skilled in martial arts But, I can take you down in just ten moves I think five is sufficient Dare to try? Dare you? Come on! Are you nuts? Do you know why we want them here? Under the Prefecture Chief’s order We have to finish rebuilding the city. So you bunch of losers hurry up Come back here I’m not finished with you. Legion! We stop What do you think General? What is our current condition? Close to soldiers bows and crossbow altogether Horses are thirsty and near exhaustion. Yes. if we gonna have a chance, we need to take them as soon as possible Lucius Lucius. Yes, I’m here. Falco said that you are to take the city