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mouse tuşu

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Sweety Pony Go back to Spring Valley. I’m afraid so. Rest assured, if anything new comes up, I’ll advise you immediately. And after election, I might find a spot for you here. There should be one for a bright determined young man like you. That is of course, if you don’t mind associating with a politician. Oh I like politicians. They’re clever. Old Squire Cane was the smartest man in our town. He had a good heart too. Puts $ in that collection box every Sunday morning and cheats the boys at poker every Saturday night. I don’t play poker. If I left tonight, I can make connections for Spring Valley. Yes sir. If I hurry, I can just about make that train. I’m sure Sabra will be glad to see that you get there. Who’s going where and when? Lynn’s going home tonight. Oh. I thought you might drive him to the station. It’s like we both won. You sure you won’t go with us? No darling, I’ll walk. Need the exercise. Keep the old ticker in shape. I didn’t know Inferno did such a good business, Amato. I’ll have to Game Miss Danielle ever come to see me social like but just to show you that there’s no hard feelings. Thanks, boss. Good night. My hands feel better now. Goodbye, Lynn. Good night, sir. Good night, darling. Maybe you got no hard feelings. But my bat swings good. See? Amato. How can you talk politics on a night like this? Look at that moon. Have you no poetry in your soul? I just want a little side bet. Too much success might go to my head. Good night. Morning, baby. Morning, darling. Company? Surprise. Harry? It’ll be nice to see the old girl again. Give me some eggs and some crispy bacon. Whole Game wheat toast. And uh Game . What’s this? My reputation, sir. Good morning. Looks like I’m always holding you folks up. But I get such a kick outta those gadgets in your shower that I almost forgot breakfast. Steak. Rare. I thought you’d decided to leave us. Well I uh Game This way, sir. After years of faithful service I Game . Miss Sabra won’t let me go. That goes for me too. But it only took me minutes. Lynn told me about Johnny last night.