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At Ødvåg High School. Really? Ødvåg? I graduated there, too! In ‘. No. In Game Seriously? Yes, sure. Look! Me and FinnbiffSvein, Barry and Vidar Catkiller. And HockeyTore. Should have seen HockeyTore. After an allnight binge, he went to sleep in a field. In the morning, the combine harvester came. Didn’t see HockeyTore down in the grass. So, what happened next? He died. Damn, those were the days! Sun shining, law school waiting for us in the autumn. Law school? Sure! Our marks went straight to hell, of course. None of us were accepted at law school. But you know what? I wouldn’t trade that time for anything. The friendship, the solidarity, the feeling of freedom Game The whole world at our feet! Magical. That is what graduation is all about! I would never have been happy at some sleazy law firm, you know. No way! Check this out! Isn’t that headmaster Åmus and Sheriff BøIseth? You mean Stonehard Anus and his dickwad? Boy, did they suffer during graduation! Steinar is a bit Game degenerated, he’s lacking something Game And BøIseth, he’s just degenerated Game in general. Oh, my God, this stuff is gold! No wonder they hate graduates. They’ve Game ed up the graduates’ time for years. I understand that you feel things are a bit bleak just now. But are you giving up your graduation dream just because you face a little resistance? I, for one, don’t think you should. Your time is now! I’ve got an old engine out there. I’m sure I can squeeze it into your bus. And I can knock that front shaft flat enough to get you to Stavanger. I’ll give you the engine for free. Awesome! Thank you very much! Let’s fix the bus, then? .. News has found out that the wanted graduates from Ødvåg High School were spotted last night at Overlook College. We talked to some students who were in touch with them. They seemed quite harmless to us, some of them even a bit simple. Except that one guy, he had an inexplicable animalistic charisma. Did you find anything that suggested they had the cash box? No, on the contrary.