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Beautiful girl and horse n the bottom of a commode, and I got my hand on the chain just waiting to pull it. Look at you. Righteous anger. Defender of the people. Tell me something, Sharky. Why are the people on my side? Why do they line up with me instead of you? Huh? Ha ha ha. Confusing times. You have nothing. No tapes, no link with Hotchkins, except a dead woman. He’s as good as governor. You’re an outcast about to lose that badge of yours. You’re about as bothersome to me as something stuck to the bottom of my shoe. As I see it, you have choices. You can disappear Game or maybe I can throw something your way. Perhaps even another Dominoe. Pick one. Go ahead. Ha ha. Of course, she won’t be quite as good. Dominoe was the best. She was when I found her. Can you imagine? I taught her, and I taught her, until she began to teach me. Yes, she was the best, because I created her. Anyway, that’s all academic, because she is gone. She’s alive. Have you talked to Tiffany lately? Somehow I get the feeling that your rear end is puckering up. I’m gonna pull the chain on you, pal, and you want to know why? ‘Cause you’re in’ up my city, ’cause you’re walkin’ all over people like you own them. And you want to know the worst part? You’re from out of state. Nosh? Nosh? Kyah. Hiy. Hello, Sharky Hello, Smiley. You look awful. You met the Chins, huh? Yeah. They’re delightful. Oh, by the way Game your friend, uh, Jojo Game he’s gone to that big police station in the sky. Oh, and Game and also Game Nosh Game has gone there, too. Aah. You know, when you went to see the man, you really pissed him off. You should have just brought the girl in. She’d be dead, but Nosh and Jojo and all your chums would be alive, and you, too. Yeah. Paco? What, is he auditioning for a job at Benihana’s? Oh, you’re funny, Sharky. OK. Now, let’s make this nice and simple. I’m gonna ask you a question, and you’re gonna answer me. Sure. And it’ll all be over just like that. Otherwise, he’s gonna take your fingers off, one joint at a time. And now, I figure you got about, uh Game answers, and then