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They all fell at the same time for no reason. Bang! Just like that. If you have to die, might as well do it as a group. Did you think about renting a moving van? I’m not sure what Antoine has to do with any of this. I told you yesterday, we’re just going to be roommates. It doesn’t seem like you know him very well. Richard? Can you show me how? Games How to do the laundry? Games Yeah. Keep whites with whites and darks with darks. Use cold water. it’s cheaper that way. And don’t put anything you like in the dryer. Thanks. Games Is that everything? Games That’s everything. Games You going to say goodbye? Games I already did. Wait, stop! When I went back in, my morn was standing by the door crying. Did you cry? No. I don’t like to cry. You always sing like that? Always! I’m the king of karaoke! Games The king? Games Yeah, the king. Bon Jovi, Dylan, Aznavour, you name it! I do them all. Well, I’ve been warned. You should buy some earplugs. Well, I snore. That’s not any better. Games You snore? Games Yeah! You’re tiny! I can’t picture you snoring. I’ve been told I snore like a fat old man. A sweet old man. It’s my masculine side coming out. When does your feminine side come out? Sorry. That was mean. Hey, I might have a way to solve our money problems. OK Game I was thinking Game With classes, training and events, you won’t have much time to work. I know, but I can look for something on the weekends or live off my credit card for a while. Did you know that the government gives out bursaries to young married couples in school? Yeah, but we’re not a couple. Games I know. Games And we’re not married. I’m aware of that. I was just putting it out there. A friend of mine just did it with his best friend. Games You want to marry me? Games Yeah! If you’re up for it, so am I! But Game I don’t love you. I don’t love you either. I just thought it would help both of us. We wouldn’t have to work hours a week while we’re going to school.