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Rumors concerning the wild plane! cause panic across the earth. Meanwhile observation Outpost Echo has spotted something. Game that the outer space theory is correct. The United Democracies have reported that they will withhold judgment until they hear from Commander Game on Gamma . This has been the latest UD statement. The next broadcast will be onehalf hour from now or immediately on the receipt of any further information. Any word from Game ? Last word received by telecom was concerning Echo. Later we checked but we were unable to establish any contact whatsoever. That’s fantastic. Why wasn’t I informed immediately? Now look, if this goes on I’ll have to go up there myself. I’m sorry General but we have been trying all morning. It’s not easy without relays. I blocked every possible circuit I could find sir. Well that settles it. I’ll leave for Gamma at once. Lieutenant, keep up your efforts, I’m counting on you. Thank you. Let’s go Schmidt. Commander? Commander? I think we may have something. Here’s some nacho sh. Oh, thank you, Lydia. Raise the console. This is Echo. Gamma we need help. This is Echo. Do you read Gamma ? Natural body nearing our position. We’re being pulled by a gravity. Raise your levels Echo. We’re losing control Gamma. We’re losing control. Get me General Norton. Headquarters cut out completely two hours ago, sir, and we’ve had no contact since. Why didn’t you tell me before? Commander I Game Put me through to Ranger Eddie. Ranger Eddie, Captain Anderson reporting. I want a recon squadron green in ten minutes. And I mean green all the way. Green it is sir. Get me the navigation. Commander to navigation. Commander to navigation. Navigation, Sergeant Franklin reporting. Upwing Sergeant. Yes, sir. Get this, I’ll be go in ten minutes with a recon squadron. You’ll give me a heading for Echo. Echo, yes, sir. On my signal you will put us on automatic as far as Echo’s orbit. Yes, sir. Here’s power control. We’ve been reading you.