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The Hardworking Farmer 3 I thought that you would get selected in first audition and impress your dad Why did you worry as if I lost a chance to play before ARRahman? It doesn’t matter before AR Rahman or Raghu Kunche You’ve lost an opportunity I don’t want an opportunity to prove myself as a musician You won’t come good Chide me you want Hit me if you want Don’t keep a grim face Chide me you want Hit me if you want Don’t keep a grim face In your anger and in our arguments Game can sense some music Ask the whole world and understand it, dear friend There is melody in the pleasant breeze Do the Sunstrokes give pain? Doesn’t the drizzle teach you music? Shall I become a sad poem? Let it be philosophy or lord Krishna’s sermon There is poetry in every form of life Let it be happiness or sorrow There will be music Chide me you want Hit me if you want Don’t keep a grim face There are days in a week Yet day and night doesn’t swap We can’t determine the beginning or end Go towards success with a goal in mind Work hard to get known in history Realise that victory and defeat alone are not goals Eyes need dreams story needs twist Be ready for anything Aren’t you Chandu? It is me, Reethu Don’t you remember me? If you are Chandu, definitely she is Siri She is our college mate in Intermediate don’t you remember her? She has become so pretty to not recognise her Where have you been all these days? After my intermediate course my father got transferred to Delhi Oh I see! Last year we shifted to here What do you do? I am teaching classical dance No thanks, I’ve some important work I’ve to go urgently We’ll see next time One cup coffee Game She says she has some urgent work Let her go Hey Shajahan! Your Mumtaj has gone Shall we go now? Why did you send her away? I was scared that you would build a Taj Mahal for her on this road Don’t get jealous I’ll build a palace for you I’ll kill you Get going Hey Chandu, leave me How did you recognise me? I am your favourite aunty, you know I came here days ago but you have dropped in today to see me If you say sorry so sweet like this