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the media ought to understand that dream died with the death of my genius friend, Rohit Mehra But from what l’ve read and heard of you, Dr. Arya. you don’t ever accept defeat l’d have tried to win. had my genius friend been alive Any further questions? excuse me sir, l need to speak to that lady for just one minute Please! Krishna Anything left to say? Yes.This gentleman has something to say Who are you? My name is Vikram Sinha What do you want? Don’t go back the way you came. What does that mean? l mean, you came alone don’t go back alone. Krishna, yourfather, Rohit Mehra, is still alive. What did you say? This picture was taken when yourfather worked for Dr Arya And l was the Senior Security Officer at Technotronics. He was youngerto me in age, and l was a junior in status. And yet, we were very close friends. not only because we were lndians it was because of the sincerity in his smile and the honesty in his eyes. He was always smiling. but someone cast an evil eye on him. lt’s been so many years, but that time. seems to have frozen. That day, he was working till morning. because he had to complete his project and go back to lndia. Good morning, chief Mr. Vikram? Welcome! How are you this morning? l’m doing fine, chief but if you keep working round the clock like this, you’re going to get insomnia l won’t have to do it aftertoday. Once the computer is inaugurated today. l’ll hand it overto Dr Arya and return to my family in lndia. Don’t mind, chief. but l still can’t believe that we can see the future. Not believing does not change the truth, Mr. Vikram. You will believe it, when you see it? What? You mean you’re going to. Of course! Come see tomorrow, today and tell me how it feels to see the future. Please hold this. Retina scan, an identification of my eyes These identifications of mine are the password forthis computer. Without which, it won’t start up. But when you’re not around, when you’ve gone back to lndia? l’ll change the password before l leave Afterthat, only Dr Arya will be able to start the computer.