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that LEGO fans were waiting for an idea like Kohei’s to come along. Now the finalists are being reviewed for Cuusoo set number five. If this is what it is to be a geek, I am definitely okay with that ’cause, uh, it’s the most fun I’ve ever had. “Cuusoo” loosely translated means a wish. And uh, my wish is to see more space exploration. I want people to be more interested in space exploration. I knew even from elementary school that I wanted to be a mechanical engineer when I grew up. The trouble is, there were no mechanical engineering classes in middle school. So uh, I would design entire manned missions to Jupiter using LEGO designs. After college, Stephen landed his first engineering job, working on a space vehicle for NASA, the Mars Curiosity Rover. STEPHEN: I spent a lot of time in clean rooms working around parts of the actual rover itself. It was all I could ever want to do. It’s a huge, seven-foot-tall, ,-pound, nuclear-powered, rock-drilling, laser-blasting, science-performing robot. Originally I just wanted to build a rover so I could, you know, show my friends and family what I was working on and how cool it was before anyone else even knew about it. This is the off-set differential, rocker bogey suspension system. And on top here is the uh, off-set differential arm that swings across the top of the rover, and it connects the left and right sides of the suspension system that allows the rover to keep all six wheels on the ground as it travels over uneven terrain. It doesn’t have to be, you know, battling Martians or anything. It’s doing it all for science. I’m not a very outgoing person, and I didn’t always, uh, interact with a lot of LEGO users before. I just had my own personal collection. And I like how you can disconnect the umbilical and take the capsule off game I went to my very first uh, LEGO Users Group meeting, called uh, a LUG. And uh, the Curiosity Rover was received very well. Everyone thought it was awesome. In fact they said, “Hey, you should submit this model to Cuusoo.” And of course, the