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We are closing a cycle with this land and during that cycle she spent our lives. He spent the lives of my parents, step the life of my sisters, and much of my life. And now turn to add our lives to this. My life and Leila again. It remains our history. It was part of my childhood and now it is my old age. And the day I die, We leave here the forest there was a bit before my time. Therefore, you will complete a cycle. It’s the story of my life. The man whose photographs have told us thousands of stories about our planet, It leaves us a great history and a great dream: The destruction of nature can be reversed. More than a thousand fountains watering again “Terra Institute”. There are already planted . million trees. The wildlife has returned, even jaguars. The earth is no longer possession of Salgado, now a national park that belongs to everyone. Is the demonstration that devastated lands anywhere they can return to forest. I mean, why do you take me halfway around the planet to save this medical genius, as you describe him? For what? He’s an Expendable. Oh, my God. Come on. He’s an Expendable. So, he’s one of the flock? Let me tell you something. If you were incarcerated for years, I’d come and save you. Thanks, hero. But I doubt it. And I know you’d do the same for me. Truthfully? You’d let me rot? Exactly. Hey, Doc. What’s your name? Christmas. Is that real? Authentic. Is that real, too? No, I spend three hours every morning putting this on with a black Biro. This is real. Authentic. Original. Look at that. Balance is a little off. You a knife man? Best. Ever. I’m the Knife Before Christmas. Ain’t that right, Barney? If you say so. Probably freestylin’ with a blade while you were still suckin’ on your daddy’s titty, tryin’ to learn how to eat with a spoon. Yeah. Is that another little secret you was keeping there, Mr. Vagueo? Just stay out of my brain, would you? I tell ya. I can’t wait to get home. Eat some good food, put on some