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Twilight Sparkle 2 Store in Hanover Township after allegedly trying to steal a hoagie. JONES: I think we were kind of in the same boat as everybody else that had any knowledge of this case whatsoever. How in the hell could he have been that stupid? MAN: He just kind of got cold look. All the color ran out of his face, and he just stared at me, and he said, “I’m not saying another word until I speak to an attorney.” MAN: Police searched his rental car outside game [Camera shutter clicks] MAN: And found two loaded guns, [Camera shutter clicks] some marijuana, [Camera shutter clicks] $, in cash, and an I.D. for one “Morris Black.” BAGLI: Why would a guy with $ in his pocket and $, in the trunk walk into a Wegmans and steal a sandwich? The guy is crying out to be arrested, isn’t he? On the other hand, he’s also a guy that sort of walks through life and thinks he can do whatever he wants to do. And most of the time, he could. WOMAN: In shackles and under heavy guard, yearold Robert Durst is led into the courtroom. SECOND WOMAN: Mr. Durst, are you going to fight extradition? MAN: He has no comment at this time. Are you competent to stand trial? He has no comment. WOMAN: Where is your wife? MAN: How long was he in jail in Pennsylvania? DEBRAH: About two months. Did you speak to him while he was in jail? Sure. Did you call him? It doesn’t work that way. OK. He called you from jail in Pennsylvania? Yes. OK. During that time, did he call you regularly? Yes. And in any of those conversations, did he indicate what his plans were in the future? Since I’m sure that you know that those conversations were taped, and they probably are public, you could read for yourself, because I don’t really remember what conversations we had. DURST ON TAPE: It’s very cold in this prison. DEBRAH ON TAPE: Yeah, cold out. DURST: Well, it’s cold out, but I feel like it’s cold in this prison. I’m sitting here all covered with a sweatshirt. Some guys were quote unquote “in paper.” DEBRAH: I know that. You told me. Honey, now when you’re now sitting in your room, do you wear