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Look at his health. Forget logic game from here to airport and from there to Kolkata game It’s too much Dada Flight? Who said I’ll take a flight game ? I’ll get palpitations on it game Give me some tea BP fluctuates at that height. game bathrooms are claustrophobic palpitation.”nervousness. İts bad for my condition. I am not going by train certainly. Train? Never. Never. never game this train movement shakes up everything inside game I get constipation. That is not a good option. Just five days back you’ve gotten up from bed. Could’ve died game it was my marriage anniversary game why did he have to drink and dance? And then he comes home game drinks game Budhan why did you give him the drink? Piku you also didn’t bother. This old man has gone senile! Look you don’t interfere. No one is asking you. You’re my sister’s husband that’s why I am concerned game But your sister is no more. so keep quiet. Hey shrivastava. There is one way. I’ve an idea. I was thinking exactly the same game you might get tired but then you can stop anywhere and walk game Correct. .correct. .correct. That way things will be in control. According to my convenience. Yes As in? As in nothing game done game decided! Who’ll drive that madam from CR park to Kolkata? Day after morning at . am game who’s duty is it? Come on she’s not bad at heart. Alright then Dhani Raam. take the car that has a carrier on top. Here game take this. Here game take out the other two suitcases kept in the garage Budhan All this will not fit in one suitcase game need another one He should be here any moment Where’s your Driver? Am sure he must be on his way game or may have stopped for some fuel perhaps. I’ve been calling you since am! I’ll check Hello. I told you my father will be travelling too game he’s an old man. Let me talk to him game and I am not old! dad. Sorry Piku. I can’t get through any driver just now game so. We’ve been waiting for over two hours now game with our luggage all packed game and you are telling me there is no driver. Look look.l am trying game