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Twilight Sparkle Care 3 I’m going to get him. Come on, guys, quickly go inside the house and start searching. Move! Look over there game Hey, you! Where are you from? From Rohtak. Then touch thy elder’s feet? You can’t be from Rohtak? Why? Everyone in the world knows that there is always money kept underneath an old woman’s bed. See for yourself. Come on, bend down. Bend down some more. Some more. Come on. What’s this lying here? Did you find anything? I lost that slipper one year back. You found it. One more thing. Last year, the rats nibbled two sacks full of money. In this day and age, no one keeps their money underneath a bed. Everyone keeps their money locked away in a safe. I have to check the safe. Sir! Yes! Sir, I’ve found some papers. Can’t seem to understand what’s on them. I’m coming. Just hold on for minutes. Sir! I’m coming game They’re like flies. They’re everywhere game Oh my! Stop! What’s in the basket? Why don’t you see for yourself? Hey, this is cow dung, get the heck out of here! Had your fun! Hey! Stop him. Stop him game What did you find in that basket? Sir, all I could find was some cow dung. Cow dung! What is the money laced with? Don’t irritate me right now. This is what I could manage. How much is it? Almost lakhs game This is my ,. Here, four lakhs, count them. Dev, you sold off the camp? Will make more! My two lakhs. You oaf, where did you get two lakhs from? I got the money from the engagement. You accepted the dowry? I didn’t want it and I was going to give it back. Hey! Now, let’s not get all moralistic right now. Gaurav! Is it my fault? How did I know that there was going to be a raid? At least, I tried. I couldn’t get everything. Sorry! Dev! Look at Koki and Cheeni. They’re loaded. There is a lot of money in inhouse parties and it’s tax free. This is the only way out from our problems. Inhouse party. Let’s do it. Let’s go. Okay. Stop game Come! Sit down game What happened? Sit! You’re gonna organize a farmhouse party. You want to be like Cheeni and Koki, is that it? We’re going to sell drugs! If anyone