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Twilight Sparkle Makeover 2Flash! ScoopScoop. DaDeeDeep, DeeDee, DeeDee, DeeDeeDeep. * I came over the river Jordan from a weekly scandal sheet game and asked old John Garrison for a job. “Are you a journalist or a reporter?” He said. “What’s the difference?” I said. “A journalist makes himself the hero of the story. A reporter is only the witness.” Sister Barndollar. Sister Barndollar, has the spirit moved the research department? Ah. The spirits moved her, all right. Hallelujah and pass the collection box. Sister Willebrandt. Cheers. Comin’ through the rye, present and, uh, half accounted for. Hey! Hey, hey, hey! Come on, honey. Give us a soul talk. It’s a lovely corpse. Alas, poor dear. I knew it well. And why not? I gave it the best years of my life. And what have I got to show for it, huh? EightyOne dollars in the bank, two dead husbands game and two or three kids I always wanted but never had. I’ve covered everything from electrocutions game to love nest brawls. I’ve got fallen arches, unfixed teeth, and you wanna know something, I game I never saw Paris, but game But I wouldn’t change those years. Not for anything in this world. I see the light, brother. Hallelujah! Purify your soul, sinner. Save your tears. This is what the readers want. No! Throw the atheist out. Don’t sell it short. It’s got twice our circulation game and three times our advertising lineage. It’s wild and yellow, but it’s not exactly a newspaper. It keeps its people working. Hallelujah. Well, maybe if I’d given you this kind of paper, you’d still have jobs. There’s a place for this kind of sheet. Where, daddy? All right, so it’s not your kind of paper. Who are we puttin’ out papers for? You? You? You? Huh. It’s not enough anymore to give ’em just news. They want comics, contests, puzzles. They want to know how to bake a cake, win friends and influence the future. Ergo, horoscopes, tips on the horses, Interpretation of dreams so they can win on the numbers lotteries. And, if they accidentally stumble on the first page, News. Old man Garrison lies a moldering in the grave Old man Garrison