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Twilight Sparkle Sweet MakeoverHey, can I hop out and piss really quick? No, you cannot. We’re in a car Chase. Super long train. I feel like I could get it done. It is a lot of freight. It’s not in the way you look or the things that you say that you do hold the line eh game It probably needs game Eh game Mm. love isn’t always on time Aah! oh, oh, whoa, whoa hold the line It’s just too goddamn easy. I feel like I could’ve pissed by now. Let him go. Open the door. Get him out. Caboose coming. Ah, shit! Oh, shit. Cops! Cops. Cops! Cops! Shit! Cops, cops, cops! What happened? Ah, you lost your stuff. You lost your cat stuff. Yeah, you lost your cat stuff. What?! Damn it! Nick: Okay, there’s a man there. Watch out for him. Hey, hey! Hey, hey, hey! Hey, we’re boxed in here! Ooh! Not for long. No, no, no, no, no, no! I’ve always wanted to do this! Aah! We’ve got to, we’ve got to make it last I touch you once I touch you once I touch you twice I touch you twice Shit. What? So where’s this place? It’s up here, under the bridge. Hey, what’re you doing?! No, you’re supposed to go under the bridge. Relax. The wheels are locked. Pump the brakes or something. Dale: Yeah, yeah. Shift down. Put it in park! I can’t think! No, no, no, no! No! No! No! Oh, ! I’m gonna puke. Well, what’s the next part of the plan, motherer? There! There! There! There! There! Dale: Kurt: Hey! Hey, he’s not here. We beat him! What? We beat him! Hey! Hey! Nice job! Where’s motherer? I don’t know. Cops. Cops. Hey! Get out of the car. Put your hands up! Nick: Just relax. Please, put your guns down. Okay? All right, we didn’t kill anybody. I swear to god. I don’t give a god damn. You tell it to the judge. We didn’t kidnap anybody, either. The guy kidnapped himself. He’s gonna be sneaking in here any second. You’ll see. Yeah, hey, he was supposed to be tied up to that chair right there. That’s right. Right behind you. Who? Him? Yeah! Oh, that looks bad. That looks bad. This ing guy! You got to believe us. That’s them! Those three, they they ththey tortured me, and then ththey said they were gonna kill my dad.