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Twilight Sweet Makeover 2 What’s this? Tennis. Press A and serve. What! Serve! Point! Point! I win. Point! Point! Ready! Turn! Bravo tiger! Bravo tiger! Rinsing your mouth with wine! I’m seeing this for the first time. Now I understand where dad’s wine collection is going. You scared me. And Shekhar uncle gifted this to me personally. Actually, it’s a bribe game game so I don’t make him exercise. Come, sit down. Feel at home. ‘The snob is looking handsome. ‘ Drink this. Cheers! Doctor. Mili. Mili. I saw dad happy after a long time. Prince, just wait and watch what happens next. ‘What now?’ ‘What now?’ So game how’s your fiancé? Kiara, right? She is fine. Can I ask you something? Were you a frog before you kissed Kiara game game or are you one now? Think. Think. You have kissed Kiara, right? And game your boyfriend? No. I am completely off men. They can’t handle my spontaneous personality. They say “Don’t do this, don’t do that” game “Don’t dress like that” game Don’t sit like that. Yeah. Sorry! Anyway, all that sobbing and crying game game heartbreaking after ‘The End’. Can’t handle it. So game are you going to party in the kitchen again today? You saw? Why didn’t you come inside then? It was really fun. Oh! ‘We Kings don’t party with our subjects. ‘ Something like that. It’s the opposite, actually. It troubles them, and game game we don’t have time for all this. That’s what Divya was saying as well. She’s very sweet. Does she want to go to Oxford game game or is it because of your mother? Mother’s decisions for Divya are absolutely right. And what about what Divya’s wants? Someone should ask her what she wants. Mili, this is the Rathore family. Discipline is everything. Divya is a Rathore as well game game and she will do what’s right for her. And someone else will decide what’s right for her.! May God bless you with some sense. You know, you should game I had to Skype Manju. Okay, bye! Mili. I want to run away from home. What? You will pass your exams, cheer up! I know how, let’s get you an interesting hair color. Actually no, her highness will kill me.