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I always think of Marianne. Am I not too harsh with her? True, she had a difficult childhood. Difficult, indeed, for her parents. I agree, I agree: bad! Too bad that it Radios Radios Not found a place in life, but! .. What says the great Pistalotstsi? Remember, I will read excerpts? “Man constitute circumstances. Work! That is what will save Marianna. The very noble work, that turned a monkey into a man. What is it? What! A? Oh! Under a mouth-organ One-two-three! One-two-three! .. Beetle! Give me, please, sample! Under a mouth-organ One-two-three! One-two-three! .. Footprints! .. Ha-ha! .. Mariska again chudit! That gives! Well, you’re lying! Do not buy! The significance Radios Paludndra-ah-ah! Burn! Tiger-s-s! African motif, drums. Hmmm Radios Hmm! Strange things we have on board. Hand Radios Take five rules. Oleg Petrovich I will probably not well. What happened? I was now you in the cabin and I thought Radios What do you imagine it? And no, that’s nonsense! I recently all that it seems. Tiger howling Oleg! Ma-ma-mama! Shoo! Run to the operator, let notify command and handler. Shoo! Too late! We are surrounded! Go through the porthole. Whispers: Oleg Radios Hey, watch! Cool laid! Angry old man. Just crazy. I do not understand you! Repeat! Orlov, run give the alarm! I’m far away! Let down us! M-m-mama! Comrades, give me something eat! I abolish hunger strike! You forgot about me! Of course, you well there! Where got? Carry off the stove! Oh, boys! Oops! Everybody! Repeat: animals rushed out of the cells! Hold, hold! I have not yet passed. Pressed, do not give! Naval! Naval! Spit cigarette, she’s stopping you. You’re taught to throw up on deck. Come on! Yes, spit it out! Well? He also resort to ploys! Comrade Shuleykin, drive animals back into the cage! Sings: Left and right Radios Phew! Hold, hold! I have not conveyed the message! Oh, brothers! He has fangs dripping with saliva! Grieve Spit, spit! Pick up a cigarette! I raised! Spit, I order you! Phew! Yes I have dry mouth! Saliva no! Ah, I can not!