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My Excellent UnicornHappy way for my lord, With many lovely flowers, And music, and music Jesus Christ is my lord, Jesus Christ is my friend My time is coming! In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. God! Thank you, Lord! I absolve you Game in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen! Oh, God! John Brahms will never die! Games I shall return Games I shall return Game Games And you shall learn Games And you shall learn. Say that louder: I shall return and you shall learn I shall return and you shall learn! Get up! Run, run Here I am, here I am. Here Game is a great invisible dagger Game to defend you Game in great battles Game in foreign lands you must roam. Take this: The arrow Game that will defend you Game against all your enemies Game in those great battles. The bow Game that will defend you against all your enemies Game visible and invisible. Take Game the crown Game made with feathers from the sacred bird of eternity. Wear it only during the great moments of your great battles. But before that Game you must travel to the farthest, most distant desert Game to fight all the demons Game and triumph against them in order to carry Game on your great battle. Get thee behind me, Satan! Eat, eat Game I crave hunger and thirst Game Father! Help me to resist temptation, Father! For over years I have searched for you in this desert. I have traveled across seven continents Game the Sacred Planet Game You are a most dangerous enemy, friend. You are the enemy of Faith. The enemy of Country! The enemy of Power! You are more dangerous than plagues or storms! I have orders to you. Your head is worth millions. But I do not wish to you! I do not wish to see you dead. Because I love you! No! No Game I shall not you! I would seduce you. I would have you love me. I would have you serve me. I would have you adore me. Brother, I want your blood Brother if you have the power to do so transform these stones and these trees into bread As your prisoner, I could do it to rid myself of you, Satan But I do not believe there is any need to do so Miracles succeed one another every second See the fish in the sea the fruit on the tree, the roots in the earth All of them feed man They are miracles performed by the Father every second I know who you are You always hide your game For many ages I have searched for you I seek after you yet again It is written that if the son of God shall have armies of angels to serve him So go to that ravine and throw yourself from it, that the angels may stop your fall Ah, Satan, this would defy God the Father a thing I shall never do I merely follow your dictates, Satan Bunk! Brother, little brother I have many precious stones many treasures, much gold I have profited much from my wars, from my armies Brother, little brother all this shall be yours, little brother Game if you serve me, little brother If you follow me, little brother