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game for, of all people, Freddie Franklin-Finch. Freddie Franklin-Finch, who doesn’t even come up to her navel. Ale you going in? Yes. Oh, don’t, it’s hell. What is poor Chloe going to do? You’re in that wonderful play at the Criterion game game where you drink in the last act. Actually game You do it beautifully. It made me believe every other word. Where do you wear that orchid? Well, I game Dear heart. Not at all. But Eloise and Freddie. I mean, you know me, darling. I don’t care what people do game game provided they do it in bed, but it’s too much. I mean he’s so small, it’s impractical game I don’t think I do know you. You must be mad. What’s your name? Arthur Chipping. That’s right. You take to drink. I do not take to drink, madam. Excuse me. Madam, I like. Madam, I adore. Chipping, I know. The guest of honour at some party game game I’ve been asked to at Augustus John’s or Tallulah’s. Mr. Chips. I was so scaled you wouldn’t tum up. My guest of honour, Arthur Chipping. How do you do? Oh, it was here. I knew it was somewhere. Oh, but what a beautiful man, Katie. What’s your next play, darling? I’m not an actor, madam. I’m a schoolmaster. He could call me madam all night. Well, come along, children, time to go. Night is young, say bye-bye. Bye. Oh, Katie, darling, absolutely wonderful. Thank you. Wear that orchid behind your ear. you know. Oh, a beautiful man. Where Katie finds them, I don’t know. Change from that last one, that abysmal Bill Calbury, or the one game Come on, Ursula. I told Penelope we’d be there ages ago. Bobbie, my dear, don’t rush me. Can’t you see I’m running away? I’m so glad you came. So am I. Very glad indeed. Come in. You won’t know anybody. but they’re all mad to meet you. They are? Mm-hm. Who was that lady I just had the pleasure of meeting? Ursula? She’s just Ursula. Indeed? Very famous actress, Ursula Mossbank, but, well, she’s just Ursula. She seemed just Ursula. Oh, this is for you. How very sweet. Dear Mr. Chips. Up to form. Very up to form. I didn’t know who to ask, so I just