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Vegetable farm Like I’m going to a job. Yeah. I think it would help me. Okay. This is what you want from me for your Christmas present? Yeah. And to have somebody take care of Jude. Quiet. No, no. Hey! Hey, puppy. Hey, puppy. Hi. Hey. Mister Pants. Hey, Mister Pants. Mister Pants? Awesome. Mister Pants. Hey, Mister Pants. How’s your night? Fine. Yeah? Yeah. I’ll get you that stuff. Okay. Do you want anything to drink? Sure. We got Game Do you have whiskey? Yeah! Okay. I’m not picky. Just whatever. I’ll get you one whiskey coming up. Here’s this first. Thank you. You’re very welcome. Thank you so much. How Game What do I owe you? How much is it? Nothing. It’s a little “Welcome to Chicago” gift. Just a taste to get me hooked. Just a taste to get you hooked. Keep me coming back. You want ice? One is fine. Okay. Thank you. You are very welcome. There you are. Hey, buddy. Cheers. Cheers. Do you wanna smoke some? I don’t know anything about Game What? Game etiquette. I don’t buy a ton of weed, so I don’t know. Do we smoke some? We smoke some. I’ve heard that’s a thing. And we can smoke some of mine. Especially since you Game I’m just totally ripping you off now. No. No, that is a gift. You are in my town. It’s a gift. I love this song. So be forewarned. My guy said this is kind of strong. Okay. Super strong. Okay. Really, really, really strong. Okay. Stronger than that. Is that just stuff that you guys make up? No. That your guy makes up? No, this is, it’s been tested. Trust me. Here you are. Thank you. You’re very welcome. I feel so fucked up already. Really? It’s instant. What’s this stuff? These are my little toys. I’m in a little band. Are they vintage? Well, this is. Or do they just make them in the style of Game No, this is actually kind of old. It’s cool. This is really old. Is that a hobby or you make Game No, it’s my thing. I mean, I’m Game You’re living the dream. I’m trying. And babysitting by living the dream. Sorry. Yeah. Sorry. No worries. I’m in a little band. We make noise. I’m serious. We make Game It’s noise music.