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and i like that. I didn’t do one thing to make you think you could do that! Are you coming or what? Merci, madame. Ye , that’s it. That’s the motorcycle we’re looking for. See? What’d i tell you? When the guy comes back here, try to detain him. Detain him? Ye . How? I don’t know. Offer him a cup of coffee or something. And then what? And then, you know game call me. I’ll come and arrest him, i guess. In the meantime, this french sociopath stabs me and mike to death. that, man. Oh, you want my job? No, we don’t want yourjob. We just want a little protection. Protection? Ye . Protection? Certainly. Assurance, security. Well game ye , that too, i guess. You want confidence. A pledge game safety. Guarantee game promises game expectation game consideration game sincerity game selflessness game intimacy game attraction game gentleness game understanding game and understanding without words. Dependence without resentment. Affection game to belong game possession game loss. Hey, sheriff, is everything okay at home? Why do women exist? Well? Give me the cigarettes. There’s nothing there. What do you mean? Anything that was there burnt to the ground recently. There’s noting left but a pile of ashes. You know what’s going on around here, don’t you? I guess. We’re being set up. What? These two game kate and the other one game they’re lovers. Ye , that’s it. Don’t you see it? I can’t believe i didn’t see it sooner. And her husband, who’s a psychopath, is on his back here right now. And he’s probably plenty pissed off. And i don’t blame him. That’s why they want us hanging around here game you know, to give the impression that there’s nothing unnatural going on. Well, say something. What do you want me to say? Tell me i’m right. I don’t know if you’re right. Would you like to eat with us? Ye , thank you. Can we give you a hand with anything? No, thank you. I don’t know if she prefers women or not, but elina’s definitely involved. Who’s elina? The girl game the other one. What the hell kind of name is elina?