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You got a minute? What do you need? Tell me more about this guy we’re going after. Doesn’t matter. You were hired to do a job. How ’bout answering why we’re doing this job? I owe you a salary. That’s it. Why are we going after Stonebanks? You have a hard time taking orders, don’t you? If I don’t know what they are, yeah. I know you don’t give a damn about us. I get that. But just tell me why you wanna take out this guy so bad. Thirty seconds to drop! Copy that. Let’s go. I can take care of myself. Twenty seconds to drop. Ten seconds! This is tight! We’re on. This guy’s got more muscle than a cartel king. Maybe he’s overcompensating for something. What are you drinking down there, Barney? Is that a vanilla latte or something? Stay sharp. Luna? Move. Think again, mister, because I won’t. I promise this won’t happen again. Move the car. I’m talking to you! Nice driving, Mars. Good performance. Yeah, too good. Any closer and I’d beat his ass. I believe her. We got him. Man, this guy’s protected better than the President. Yeah, and his crib’s like a fivestar fortress. That’s why we’re not taking him there. And the hotel is full of guests. So where do we hit him? At the meet. We hit him from all four sides. Hit him hard. Okay. So, our plan is to, what? Kick down the door and start spraying bullets? It’s a great plan if it was . And what is that supposed to mean? You heard me. You got a better plan? Much better. Let’s hear it. Thorn, you’re up. Okay. I’m the plan. This ought to be good. First, I hack the security grid main server. Bypass the motiondetector lasers and biometric sensors. Override the surveillance video and CCTV systems. And we are in. It’s child’s play. Just like that? Just like that. Just like that. Exactly like that. You better be right. Let’s go! So, why’d you let your team go? If you stick around long enough, you’re gonna buy it. It was time. They didn’t seem too happy about it. If you’re looking to go the family route, it’s the wrong job for you. There are different kinds of family. And when my life is