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Come with me. I suggest you use an axe. Here, come and sit down. What did they hit you with? Various objects. Why did you fight with Scalise? Did it have anything to do with my dad? In a way, yes. You don’t think Dad did it. You don’t think he’s guilty, do you? What I think doesn’t matter a roll of nickels. Most important thing is that you need a lawyer. That’s what I came here for. You need a big-time lawyer. Here, hold this. One that can’t lose. But if Dad’s innocent, I don’t radio That doesn’t always help. Innocent people can get into terrible jams too. One false move and you’re in over your head. How much money have you got, you and your father, for a lawyer? None. No savings? No. Paine got ’em, huh? Yes. Thanks for the facial. I feel a lot better now. You go on back to bed. I’ll be back in the morning about :. You wait here for me. You’re not fooling me. You do believe Dad didn’t him. Your dad never touched him. Good night. Good night. I’m sorry to wake you up, Paul. I won’t stay but a minute. I need some dough. Who stuck his finger in your eye? I’ve got in the bank. That leaves me shy. It’s for a lawyer. Thought you wouldn’t mind kicking in. I want to get Norman Ackerman to handle the Taylor case. He never lost a murder verdict in his life, but you gotta slap down one grand, minimum. Be right with you. Who is it, Paul? Mark. He wants bucks. For what? For a lawyer, for his girl. Since when has that gorilla-head got radio Shh! Please, Shirley, don’t argue. After the way he treated you, to have the nerve to ask for money! I told you: no arguments, please. You told me you were never gonna talk to him again! I don’t know, Shirley. Sometimes you really get me sore with this kind of nagging. $ for a man you were gonna punch in the jaw the next time you saw him! I radio Take them to the Acme Loan this time. You’ll get more. Who knows? I might even get to wear them someday. Yes? ‘Detective Dixon is here with a young lady.’ Have him come in. Send off that cable, Mary, I’ll call you later. Hello, Mark.