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First off, I want to meet Cody’s parents. Where are they at? So, Mom, where’s Mom? Can we have a wave? Mum’s there. Hi. And Pops? And Dad’s the bald one. All right. Whatever design you guys did, you guys did an awesome job designing that. Wow! And, Heather, your parents? You guys should be proud of Heather, cos she’s, like, so sweet and sings so awesome. Thank you. I don’t even know who to choose. Like, whatever, forget my opinion, I’m just here. LAUGHTER Thank you, Will. APPLAUSE OK. Heather, you brought so much emotion to that song and you made it effortless. You brought me to tears, it was amazing. And I game I don’t cry at many things. Except tax bills. LAUGHTER So, erm game But, you know, you’re and you have a massive future in front of you. And I kind of feel like this is going to end well whatever happens, but because I fought so hard to get Cody, you just remind so much of myself when I was your age, and so I am going to take you through. Yay! Cody, congratulations! Well done! You’re through to the knockouts. So good. Are you OK? I’m all right. Go and give George a big hug one more time. Make some noise for Cody, who’s through to the knockouts, everyone. Amazing! Thank you so much. Thank you. You’re so gorgeous. Really special. CHEERING CODY SCREAMS LAUGHTER Will you tell us what it would mean for you, Heather, to stay in the competition? It would mean everything, because I’ve learnt so, so much, but I really want to show you kind of me as an artist, and show you all what I can do behind a piano singing my stuff. It’s just been amazing and I don’t want it to end. Thank you. Once again, Heather, your future lies with the coaches. APPLAUSE PALOMA: It’s really hard, isn’t it? LAUGHTER Ricky? Too similar to one that I love on my team. Please steal. Paloma, I need to get you back in your chair, hon. I’m a revolutionary. LAUGHTER OK, fingers crossed, all right? Fingers crossed. Yes! CHEERING Well done! APPLAUSE One steal from Paloma. Oh, my game ! Amazing! You are now Team Paloma. Well done, Heather.