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You was getting quite emotional yourself. How was it for you? Yeah, we were all in tears. You know. Very emotional. I feel like I just witnessed something truly special. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE You two are the oddest pairing ever but it was SO beautiful. And perfect. Perfect, beautiful, flawless game Good luck ! LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE It is a very difficult decision. But I think, you know, what we spoke about in terms of game You know, it not being about gender and game You know, your story, Jordan, and the moment that you sing that line, it’s hard for the man in your low register just game was the moment that game Sorry. It’s so moving. But I really believe in you and game And Theo, we’re going to miss you so much, but I’m going to take Jordan. Jordan, you are through to the Knockouts, well done. How are you feeling, Jordan? Thank you. I love this guy. If you don’t steal him, I’m going to steal him. Congratulations, Jordan, you are through to the knockouts. Give Paloma a hug. Jordan, one more time, everyone. That was very beautiful. OK, now, Theo, this may not be the end of the road for you. Anything you’d like to say to the coaches? Um game CHEERING AND SHOUTING I game Being here has actually been a complete learning curve. It’s helped me to think outside of the box and not be stuck in my ways. It was an honour performing in front of all four of you and everyone else here. You’re a gentleman, Theo, thank you. OK, your future now lies with the coaches. OK, Theo, you’re now available for a steal. CHEERING One steal, well done, Theo. How good is that? He can’t believe it. Theo, congratulations, you are now on Team Will. Yo! Oh, mate. Um game um game Yo! You can’t believe it, can you? You can’t relax now, Theo. Listen, well done, man, go and see your new coach. One more time, for Theo, everyone. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE I feel like my make-up’s going to run. I think that might be one of the highlights of the show. Done in. Jordan! Well done. Who knew? Come on, from the audition to that is just game it was like game